There is No One Perfect GPS for Deer Hunting. There may be one that you consider perfect for yourself, but probably not everyone has the exact needs you do. However, overall there are highly recommended GPS for deer hunting out there, and they are all listed below.

These are considered the best GPS for deer hunting. The hunting community has rated these as the most popular GPS for deer hunting. However, choosing a good GPS for hunting depends on how you plan to use your GPS for the hunt.

I can’t tell you the one GPS that has been proven the best for hunting, though I have compiled a list of the most qualified and top-rated GPS for hunting. So I encourage you to look into each of these GPS and find what exactly it is that you are looking for, and choose which GPS is best suited for you. GPS technology is constantly changing, so check back often for updates.

Features of the Best GPS for Deer Hunting

Features of the Best GPS for Deer Hunting:

  • Long battery life (between 15-25 hours)
  • Plenty of memory to hold waypoints (14-25 MB should be good)
  • Easily portable/lightweight (handheld)
  • I hunt at night, so an easily readable screen
  • WAAS capability (allows for accuracy of up to 3 meters)
  • Waterproof/resistant

Top-Rated GPS for Deer Hunting

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Long Battery Life for a Handheld GPS

One of the best features a handheld GPS can have is its long battery life. Deer hunting is not a short event. Most go deer hunting for days even. So long battery life for a GPS can save a lot of frustration while deer hunting.

In addition, it allows for longer hunting trips to locations you would not be able to go without a GPS with longer battery life. So be sure you add this feature to your list when deciding the best GPS for deer hunting.

GPS Needs Plenty of Memory While Deer Hunting

It is common to revisit waypoints several times because most deer hunters have spots they like. However, if you are one to revisit waypoints, your GPS will start to run out of memory, and no one wants to delete spots that have been good to them in the past for deer hunting.

So when shopping for a GPS, be sure you save yourself the hassle of having to decide which waypoints are more critical and get plenty of memory for your deer hunting GPS.

Deer Hunting GPS Should be Light Weight and Portable

No one enjoys walking around the woods deer hunting while carrying an enormously heavy burden of a GPS. There are some handheld GPS that weigh up to 3.5 pounds. Anything over 2 pounds is a little too heavy to be considered in the best GPS for deer hunting category. So try and stay under 2 pounds when shopping for your deer hunting GPS.

GPS Should Have WAAS Capability to be Good for Deer Hunting

WAAS has been around for a while, yet many GPS owners still have no idea what it is. WAAS capability allows a GPS unit’s accuracy to be within 3 meters. When hunting, you want to know exactly where you are and how far you have to go in case of an accident. So when deciding which GPS is the best for your deer hunting needs, be sure to include WAAS capability as a must-have feature.

When Deer Hunting GPS Need to be Water Resistant/Water Proof

As most already know, deer hunting is an outdoor sport, which means weather matters. However, when it comes to a $100+ piece of equipment primarily used outdoors, you don’t want a little water to ruin it.

So be sure your deer hunting GPS is somewhat water-resistant, mainly if you go deer hunting in the woods where there are plenty of places to drop the GPS into standing water accidentally.